Find Your Tribe - A Release Guide For Independent Rappers and Singers

Find Your Tribe 

A Release Guide For Independent Rappers and Singers

This is a guide for Artists releasing their own music who struggle with the marketing side of a music career.

Part 1 explains the principles behind putting an effective plan together that remain constant and Part 2 breaks down what a release schedule looks like that pulls together several different components of a campaign into a grand plan. 

Not a bunch of trips, tricks, and "hacks". Those aren't enough of an effort. Everything in here comes from hard earned, real life experience. Executing on the strategies will require a lot of effort and planning, but most importantly, they're effective


Available as an instant download. 38 page PDF document.

Topics include: 

Part 1: Foundation

Times change, but the fundamentals don't. This is the most important part to master because as the industry changes, you'll be able to adapt your strategy to the current state of affairs.

Part 2: Plan The Release

A real release means having a grand plan and executing it. How to plan a release schedule 3-6 months out through release day. and beyond.

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