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1.1GB of otherworldly textures from our Starter and Pro versions of the pack. 

Every sound in this pack was created using a SEQUENTIAL Prophet 6 synthesizer and a 70s era Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Shaped by hand and carefully recorded to capture the dirty magic of analog circuits getting mangled on magnetic tape.

  • 100% royalty free sounds. All samples are cleared, not available anywhere else, and created exclusively for this pack.
  • Every sound is labeled by key and BPM. No guessing games. Just drag them into your project and they work.
  • Recorded at 24bit 48kHZ WAV files. Works in any software (Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio. Reason, MPC, Maschine, Studio One, Bitwig, REAPER, etc)

Lite Version Includes:

  • 1.1 GB of experimental textures in every key

  • Includes Wet And Dry Sounds for each recording

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