How To Use Analog Studio Hardware For Cheap // Access Analog Tutorial & Review

How To Use Analog Studio Hardware For Cheap // Access Analog Tutorial & Review

March 28, 2021

Access Analog is a great solution for producers on a budget who want to process their sounds with classic analog hardware.

There are a few big benefits:

  • It eliminates a lot of the hassle of setting up the converters and routing that come with the territory of having the gear in your studio as well as the cost of maintaining the equipment. 
  • If you're a music producer or artist and find yourself researching ways to build a home studio on super lean $350 or $150 budgets, you can potentially save on the cost of plugins and processing. Instead of spending money on 1176 emulations, you can just use the real deal for a low hourly price. 
  • Trying gear does not get any easier than this. Really. You can compare an SSL G Compressor next to a Manley Vari Mu without actually having to go to the trouble of patching it into your own system.

The only major drawbacks we found are:

  • Latency. Mixing in realtime or using a bunch of instances of the routing plugin don't work smoothly and introduce a lot of latency. Best to use the offline processor and print the hardware effects to a new track
  • No tactile feedback. Having the convenience of plugins with the sound of hardware is a big deal, but some people prefer getting their hands on the hardware specifically because it gets them away from the computer screen 

Overall, this service is really cool and while its not perfect, its definitely valuable. Here's the full demo and review of the service:

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