The Channel Strip Trick To Add Width and Depth to Tracks

August 19, 2021

I noticed some of my brainworx plugins doing unexpected things to my sounds, and accidentally found this channel strip trick to widen any track or beat you throw in. It's basically a result of the phase change that happens inherent to an EQ or filter band, stacked on top of brainworx's TMT technology which emulates an actual analog channel strip or full mixer. In a real channel strip, two channels will always have some differences. They never sound *exactly* the same. two channels with the filter set to 16Hz will actually be slightly different frequencies with slightly different slopes, due to the electrical components differing slightly from track to track. So we can cycle through different pairs of tracks until we hear the desired width, stack multiple instance of the channel strip to exaggerate the differences, or use a digital EQ like the Fab Filter Pro Q3 to mimic what's happening and achieve an analog-like result. Even placing slightly different filters well below the range where anything is happening introduces changes higher up in the spectrum. Try if for yourself and see what happens!

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