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There are now many natural sounding, perfectly recorded drum plugins available and hardware machines that sound very convincing. 

GRITMATTER was to built a pack that sounds realistic, but with all the character and punch of drums recorded through analog recording equipment.


Recorded using an all analog signal path with Neve and API preamps and tape saturation you won't need to add much to the drum sounds to make them slap. 

All you need to add are your groove and style to a track. 



We did as much of the mixing work for you as we could because a good sample pack is fun to play with right out the the box. 

The goal was to make drums we could just drag into a project and sound amazing right away, without tons of processing, then be able to use them over and over again in lots of different contexts.


works in all software

Ready to drag and drop into any software (Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio. Reason, the MPC, Maschine, Studio One, Bitwig, REAPER, Cubase, basically anything that plays WAV files)

172+ Royalty-Free Drum Samples Including:

  • 8 808 Basses
  • 8 Cymbal Loops 
  • 21 Cymbal Hits 
  • 14 Full Kit Loops 
  • 6 Glitch Sequences 
  • 3 Multisampled Hi Hats + 6 Single one shots
  • 9 Tom One Shots
  • 21 Hi Hat Loops
  • 3 Multisampled Kicks + 6 single one shots
  • 3 Multisampled Rim Hits + 5 One Shots
  • Over 10 High, Low, Medium Size Snares
  • Over 15 Snare Loops, Rolls, Fills, and Flams

What is Multisampling and Why Does It Matter?

Inside the GRITMATTER pack you will find some folders with several slightly different samples of the same drum or cymbal. Why would you want that?

By rotating between a different snare drum or hi hat sample each time its triggered, a more natural sounding result is achieved that's closer to a real drummer. 

Some samplers can automate this process with "round robin" sampling. This means that the sampler will never play the same sample 2 times in a row. Each hit is slightly different, just like a human drummer never hits a drum exactly the same way twice. 


Total size of the pack is 532MB. All files are recorded as 48kHz 24-Bit WAV

After you place your order, a link will be delivered to you by email where you can access the GRITMATTER drum pack.