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The Gyil is a West African percussion instrument similar to the marimba, but with it's own rich history and tonal flavor.

Also known as a Balafon, Balangi, or Bala, its struck with a mallet and there are gourds underneath the bars that are covered with spiderweb silk to produce a distinct buzzing sound. 

Traditionally a pentatonic tuned instrument, we've made a version that is a fully chromatic software instrument. Multi-sampled and velocity sensitive!

Huge thank you to Jackson Hillmer for letting us create this. (And also for traveling from the US all the way to Ghana to get one.)


-245 MB free space
-Requires Ableton 10 or higher and the Sampler* instrument installed.

*Sampler is included in Ableton Suite, but must be purchased separately if you're using Live Intro or Standard.