How To Make Trap Style Brass Sounds // Ableton 11 Sound Design Tutorial

April 16, 2021


This is a sound design tutorial on how to make the Brass Stab sound that gets used in a lot of modern trap and hiphop. Made 100% from scratch, step by step, using only stock Ableton 11 plugins. 

The basic principles in play are to take a complex waveform, like a typical saw wave, then modulate it with an envelope so it gets brighter on the initial attack along with some detuning and pitch modulation. 

Then beyond that, there are a bunch of effects plugins to really bring the sound into a less "synthy" territory and more into something that feels more realistic. Namely a lot of EQ, Distortion, and Multiband compression. 

(The video uses Ableton 11 but you should be able to replicate this in Ableton 10 just fine)

If you want some new samples and the synth rack built in the video, it's included in the tutorial pack linked below. 

Free Trap Brass and Drums Tutorial Pack Pack:

Free Comb Filter Preset:

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